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Pure lano: innovative, natural, effective.

Pure Lano is an innovative skincare and cosmetics brand that aims to produce scientifically formulated, natural based products that enhance the health and beauty of the skin through nourishing ingredients that soothe and protect.  Our effective skincare and cosmetics utilize ultra-pure lanolin to rejuvenate dry, damaged skin, uplifting and nourishing not only the body, but the mind by creating a newfound confidence in healthy, glowing skin. 

My whole life I had searched for a cure for my chronically chapped lips, trying a lengthy list of products that failed to provide a remedy. Following my daughter’s birth in 2003, I experimented with lanolin after discussing the benefits of the product with my doctor and created a lip balm that nourished and actually healed my lips for the first time. After using the lanolin and feeling the healing and moisturizing qualities, The Lano Company was born. The lanolin-based lip balm was a success, so I decided to utilize other all-natural ingredients with similar healing qualities. Throughout the years, The Lano company has expanded to produce a variety of products that utilize the qualities of these all-natural ingredients. Pure Lano began in 2015 in an effort to provide a range of products that use not only cutting-edge natural ingredients, but continue to take advantage of the nourishing qualities of lanolin. Providing body care, lip care and skincare, Pure Lano provides products tailored specifically to the health of your body. Using ingredients such as jojoba, vitamin E and other natural oils, Pure Lano products not only help with moisturizing, but also anti-aging.  The anti-aging ingredients help reverse the appearance of signs associated with dry, damaged skin, and maintain the health of the skin and body.

Each product is designed to not only look and feel good on your body, but to do good for your body as well. Because there are no harsh chemicals that can irritate skin, Pure Lano products leave the body feeling rejuvenated, moisturized, and healthy. Over the long term, these all-natural products are more compatible with your skin and body, as opposed to the unnatural chemical counterparts. The skin and body products work to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while hydrating dry skin.  The natural ingredients found in these products, combined with the powerful moisturizing quality of lanolin, leave your body feeling healthy, soft, and moisturized. 

Layne and Miranda Coggins, Owners of Pure Lano


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