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Let's Talk Lanolin

Posted on February 04 2016

Sure, it's kind of obvious lanolin is a key aspect of the concept behind Pure Lano, making up half the brand's name, but do you really know WHY Pure Lano's skincare and cosmetics products are unique?  Do you know what lanolin is or the benefits it has on the skin?  Trust us, we understand lanolin isn't the most common ingredient, but it most certainly is an effective, ultra-hydrating one that makes a major difference in the health and condition of your skin.  So, let's talk lanolin and 5 basic "need to knows" about the natural ingredient that makes Pure Lano products so special.

Lanolin has been used for centuries as a protective skin ointment and as a protective barrier, essentially a natural waterproofing agent for the skin.

Lanolin is a highly refined and purified oil derived from wool grease that is obtained when washing the sheep's natural wool.  (Sheep are never harmed when obtaining lanolin.  Pure Lano is an animal cruelty free company.)

The lanolin that is used in all Pure Lano products is medical-grade, meaning it contains less than 3 parts per million of impurities.  We use only the highest grade natural ingredients our products to offer you the very best in skincare.

Lanolin is used to soothe skin and is recommended by doctors to help with discomfort associated with breastfeeding to new mothers.  (This is how owner and founder, Miranda Coggins, discovered the healing characteristics of lanolin).

Lanolin is often recommended by doctors to treat chapped lips, diaper rash, dry skin, rough feet, cuts, bruises and/or minor skin abrasions.  It acts as an ointment creating a barrier on the skin facilitating absorption of he medical chemicals it carries.


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